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Genre: Drama series

Episodes: 161

Episode duration: 45 min

Year: 2013

Authors: Jelena Veljača, Milo Grisogono

Directors: Branko Ivanda, Mladen Dizdar, Robert Orhel

Main cast: Barbara Bilić, Boris Ler, Dragan Despot, Ana Kvrgić, Vanessa Radman, Alen Liverić, Jelena Perčin, Ivana Horvat
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The background of the story is Dubrovnik, a city under siege in the early 1990s. This is a story about a young couple whose youth was lost to the war that forced them to grow up, a story that will remind us of the power of love.

It is late summer of 1991. The people of Dubrovnik are still not aware of the destruction that is threatening their ancient city but fear and uncertainty of the coming war is in the air. At the Holy Cross Procession that includes a blessing of the boats and lighting of candles, the main series character young Maro Kesovija (Boris Ler) spots a pretty young woman Judita Knego (Barbara Bilić) and it is love at first sight. On the morning of October 1st 1991, war comes to the city of Dubrovnik. The shelling of the transmitter on Srđ marks the beginning of the agony of the city and the struggle of its people for life and freedom.

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Source: Nielsen Audience Measurement, TG: 18-54

Main cast

Barbara Bilić

Boris Ler

Vanessa Radman

Stefan Kapičić

Ivana Horvat

Jelena Perčin

Momčilo Otašević

Amar Bukvić
Kapetan Boris

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