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Genre: Drama series

Episodes: 14

Episode duration: 60 min

Year: 2013

Author: Jelena Veljača

Directors: Branko Ivanda, Mladen Dizdar

Main cast: Sementa Rajhard, Vanda Winter, Ivan Glowatzky, Linda Begonja, Mladen Vulić, Bojana Gregorić Vejzović, Nebojša Glogovac, Stjepan Perić, Petra Dugandžić
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Jasmina (Sementa Rajhard) has entered the ´Stella´ talent show contest and hopes that her amazing voice would help her win the main show prize which could save her mother's life. Jasmina's mother is very ill, and the money prize promised by ´Stella´ producers to the show winner is her only hope to get her mother the medical treatment that she needs. However, Jasmina's unique singing talent cannot secure a victory over Lana (Vanda Winter) another contestant ready to do everything it takes to win. While Jasmina takes the rough road to stars to help her mother live, Lana wants to win the show because she believes this will help her win her mother's love. The ambitious and extremely talented Lana is determined to beat everyone else and win the contest.

From show to show, successful competitors are selected by a jury chaired by relentless and unforgiving Gavran (Nebojša Glogovac). Another jury member Ela (Bojana Gregorić Vejzović) is a perfectionist ex dancer who will accept nothing but a brilliant performance. Orsat (Stjepan Perić) is a talented producer who obviously has feelings for the fourth member of the panel Kika (Petra Dugandžić), a former star singer.

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Source: Nielsen Audience Measurement, TG: 18-54

Main cast

Sementa Rajhard

Vanda Winter

Ivan Glowatzky

Linda Begonja

Mladen Vulić

Bojana Gregorić Vejzović

Nebojša Glogovac

Stjepan Perić

Petra Dugandžić

Amar Bukvić

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