Basic information

Genre: Cooking entertainment

Episodes: 10

Episode duration: 30 min

Year: 2014

Producer: Ema Gušavac

Director: Dinka Radonić

Author: Petra Nižetić


While he was in Celebrity MasterChef Luka has showed his cooking passion to us for the first time. This famous musician fascinated judges and his colleagues with his multi talent. In cooking show Pun P'jat he will take us through his new adventure and teach us how to cook delicious and exciting meals.

Luka will introduce all of his cooking talent through three basic parts:

1. Full plate - cooking alongside interesting guests, Luka's friends and other celebrity persons. In this part the main dish is being prepared.
2. Empty fridge - Luka prepares simple dish made out of leftovers from either his lunch or dinner last night. He will teach us some useful tricks in which he uses leftovers instead of tossing them away.
3. Sweet secret - part where Luka prepares his favourite desserts that brings out all of his childhood memories. Not only will these desserts be delicious, but also very simple to make for everyone.

Besides that, there will be various videos integrated in program where Luka will explore all the interesting facts about groceries he is using that day in the kitchen. He will also give us professional opinion on this matter coming from nutritionists and local experts competent to talk about this matter.

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Source: Nielsen Audience Measurement, TG: 18-54