Basic information

Genre: Drama movie

Duration: 90 min

Year: 2012

Director: Tomislav Rukavina

Main cast: Doris Pinčić, Ivan Herceg, Filip Juričić, Stefan Kapičić, Jagoda Kumrić, Dino Rogić
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“Lara's Choice: The Lost Prince” is a feature film that broke box-office records in Croatia when as a summer hit movie it had 75.000 viewers in theatres in Croatia and was the third most popular film of the millennium.

The feature film picks up the story line of the series’ first season, giving long-awaited answers to some of the questions but also introducing new and original characters. “Lara’s Choice: The Lost Prince” makes a leap of a couple of years to take the viewer into the future events. Lara and Jakov’s life takes a sudden turn as they learn that they were victims of a dramatic deception scheme that changed their lives forever. Who was the mysterious source of the power to control everyone’s life? Will Lara and Jakov find their inner strength to overcome the doubts and fight again for their love and their family? They must be prepared to pay a very high price for what is so dear to them.

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Source: Nielsen Audience Measurement, TG: 18-54

Main cast

Doris Pinčić

Ivan Herceg

Filip Juričić

Jagoda Kumrić

Dino Rogić

Stefan Kapičić

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