Basic information

Genre: dramedy

Episodes: 150

Duration: 45 min

Year: 2020

Screenplay: Nataša Buljan, Mile Božičević, Tomislav Hrpka; based on an idea by Luka Juričić

Chief director: Zoran Margetić

Directors: Tomislav Rukavina, Darko Drinovac, Danijel Kušan, Robert Orhel

Main cast: Ksenija Pajić, Siniša Ružić, Milan Štrljić, Roko Sikavica, Jasna Odorčić, Meliha Fakić, Draško Zidar, Ankica Dobrić, Katarina Madirazza, Mia Mikulec, Enes Vejzović, Barbara Nola


THE COPS is a story about the adventures of a tiny police squad and their Chief Bozena. They operate from the smallest police station in the country in a quaint little town, where mobile signal is scarce and the lifestyle reminiscent of the good old days.

Dizmovo is a crime free town. Life is good for the local police officers with regular income and not much work to do. This proves to be a problem, though, when they receive notification from the headquarters that their police station is about to close down due to inactivity. They all hate the idea of transfer as each has their own individual ties in the community.

And so they come up with a great but rather unorthodox idea: They will create a “crime” which they can “investigate” and show that they are busy. However, with time and involvement of other people in town, their make-believe “crime” becomes too overwhelming for their policing skills and their ingenious plan falls apart in an unpredictable sequence of hilarious and entertaining events.

The series brings together the atmosphere of innocent, simple and romantic old days placed in juxtaposition to the modern feel of the world in which we depend on our cell phones in an unsuspected turn of funny events. One phone call made during a brief window when the signal is good can change things forever, not necessarily for the better.

Even though the plot takes the viewer to a modern day small town, this little town lives happily in the past. Granny Beba has not replaced the calendar on her wall since 1987. It was a good year, she says. It is still a good year!